27-28th Nov, 2021
Xiamen International Convention & Exhibition Center
27-28th Nov, 2021
Xiamen International Convention & Exhibition Center

The 5th World Chef Festival & New International Catering Expo

In 2020, COVID-19 swept the world. As industry competition intensified and the need for market development grew, there was a clear trend in the catering industry -    penetrating into lower-tier markets while building a stronger presence in first-tier cities. Traditionally, a catering brand that has gained fame in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen often focuses its attention on the first-tier cities for many years before considering  entering into second- and third-tier cities. But in 2020, this cycle was significantly shortened as  catering brands often chose to quickly develop lower-level markets by seeking partners with local resources nationwide when they were in the ascendant. Creating brand momentum in first-tier cities and increasing scale and profit in lower-tier cities will become a common market expansion approach for many  catering brands.

As COVID-19 has hit the first- and second-tier cities harder than the second-, third-, and fourth-tier cities, regional catering brands have a better development environment. As the population of the second-, third-, and fourth-tier cities continues to grow, their ever-increasing disposable income and increasingly strong purchasing power are jointly promoting local consumption and have become a new driving force in the Chinese consumer market.

Under the new environment, can you take the lead in developing emerging markets? How to take a share of the local market? Where does growth come from? As competition in the catering industry has become unprecedentedly fierce, only those who develop new markets faster can win.


To create Fujian cuisine brands and build a strong gourmet province

The local government has strong financial strength. In 2020, Xiamen's GDP ranked 34th in China, but the local fiscal revenue was 78.39 billion CNY, ranking 18th nationwide.

21. 4 billion CNY                            58,140 CNY

The total personal income tax ranked 11th               Per capita disposable income 

among major cities nationwide in 2020                  ranked 9th among cities 

                                                                                      nationwide in 2020

Xiamen residents are of high disposable income.

* Source: Summary of statistical bulletins of each city in 2020

Xiamen is one of the most economically active cities located between the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta in China. It is also a core city in the coastal urban agglomeration of Guangdong, Fujian and Zhejiang in the National "14th Five-Year Plan" as well as a central city in the southwestern Fujian urban agglomeration determined by the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and Government.

üThe "Three-year Action Plan for Actively Promoting the Prosperity of Fujian Cuisine" issued is to deeply explore the food culture of each county (city, district), promoting gourmet products and ingredients with local characteristics. By introducing supporting policies, exploring the essence of Fujian cuisine, and stimulating the consumption of Fujian cuisine, the local government attempts to continually expand the influence of Fujian cuisine, create Fujian cuisine brands, and build a strong gourmet province that offers delicious Fujian cuisine to more people.


Huge market potential

-Rising spending power of 1.4 billion population

-8million restaurants

-Over 4.7 billion revenue of China‘s foodservice market in 2019, 9.5% growth yoy

-China - the largest F&B market as well as F&B importer in the World

Most reliable partner

-RX – one of the largest exhibition organiser in the world, offering the best market solutions to exhibitors and sponsors.

-WFCCI – industry leader owns tremendous industry influence and connection with leading chain restaurants.

-Strong alignment making the event most impactful in China.

Volume Leading Chain Restaurants Engagement

-Advisory Board – formed by a group of executives of top 10 chain restaurants, providing industry insights and strategic direction as well as hot topics on keynote

-Restaurant Brand Zone – Leading chain restaurants exhibit together with the supply chain suppliers, fully cover the entire supply chain of catering industry and provide a golden opportunity to meet up the valuable top buyers.

-Innovative Restaurants Awards – rewards the most innovative business model, strategy, market solutions in 2020

High interaction with target buyers


Preshow online match making , onsite 1-1 business matching and a series of networking events, culinary competition and high level conference facilitate an effective connection with your targeted buyers



  • Chain Restaurants
  • Dealers & Agents       
  • International Hotels Group & Resorts
  • Independent Restaurants, Bars, Café, Tea House
  • Institutional Catering, Airline, Cruise, Theme Park, Canteen, School
  • Supermarket and Retailers
  • eCommerce
  • Importer & Distributor
  • Commercial Interior Design        
  • Consulting Companies
  • Government Authorities, Associations, Media, Research Institutes

What can you get?

01 High quality contents shared by industry speakers

The insight into the future of catering development, the collision of speaker thoughts. Meeting influential catering professionals and chef masters...


02 One-to-one business matchmaking

By gathering buyers including the management, procurement personnel and related decision makers from both major and regional brand chains of Chinese food, fast food, hot pot, barbecue, there’ll be one-to-one business matchmaking onsite to help target buyers find high-quality ingredients, innovative equipment and other products, thus building a high-end procurement community with better bargaining power.


03 Meeting quality peers and expanding networks

200+ participating brands; 8,000 trade visits from the catering; 2,000 catering band founders/producers/supply chain leaders/procurement decision makers, and 200+ chef masters.


04 Extensive media exposures

Full coverage with no less than 300 press releases by official TV and radio media, local news media, top 20 catering industry media, KOL We-Media and other types of media.


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01 High quality contents shared by industry speakers

The insight into the future of catering development, the collision of speaker thoughts. Meeting influential catering professionals and chef masters...